SSJC’s Tikun Leil Shavout

Here is the current schedule for the SSJC’s Tikun Leil Shavout and there is something for everyone!

    • 11pm – 1 AM:  Start your Shavuot night off with a session of traditional Yeshiva learning with our Associate Rabbi, Rabbi Yaakov Greiniman
    • 1:00 AM:          Shavuot and Yovel–Seven Times Seven, Is there a connection?: Mr. Ken Horowitz
    • 2:00 AM:          Solving the mystery of the Red Heifer: Mr. Gary Fellman
    • 3:00 AM            The Tutsim Jews and their Biblical Destiny in the history of Klal Israel: Professor Yochanan Bjwejeri
    • 4:00 AM:          Jewish Agricultural Re-settlements 1880s-1930s and its role in the American Jewish Scene in the United States: Dr. Alan Roshwalb

    Sessions will have a break between them to provide time to browse our new, and developing, Library, snacks, as well as a chat with friends

    The learning program starts at Midnight on Saturday night and is followed by a 5:15 AM early Shachris (Vasikin Shemonah Esrei at 5:44 AMon Sunday morning.

    Do you traditionally have a study session at your home? Bring your session to the SSJC and become part of this community event! We will have plenty of snacks, coffee, tea and soft drinks so bring your learning group to the SSJC and leave the catering and cleanup to us

    Services for Shabbat and Shavuot are as follows 

    8:15 pm – Friday evening Candle lighting 

    7:30 pm – Kabbalat Shabbat 

    8:50 am – Shabbat Shacharit

    8:15 pm – Shabbat Mincha 

    9:15 pm – Ma’ariv

    9:16 pm – Erev Shavuot Light Candles

    5:00 am – Sunday 1st day Early Shacharit

    8:50 pm – Sunday Regular Shacharit

    8:15 pm – Sunday Mincha 

    9:15 pm – Sunday Maariv

    8:50 pm – Monday 2nd Day Shacharit; YIZKOR is recited (followed by lunch for those who have reserved a place)

    8:15 pm – Monday Mincha 

    9:15 pm – Monday Maariv

    9:17 pm – End of Chag