We are hard at work setting the menu and program for  second  annual  SSJC Second Day Shavuot Luncheon.  I can promise you a wonderful  Buffet dairy meal with plenty of Cheese Cake and Ice Cream. We will also be arranging for supervised play  so that your little ones can enjoy the SSJC’s wonderful outdoor playground  once they are tired of eating. In case of rain the supervised play will take place in one of our inside play areas.

Early bird pricing for the luncheon is only $15/adult SSJCmember, $18 /adult non-member. $10 for children from 11 to 15, $5 for children from 6 to 10 and FREE for children under 5. Your payment is your reservation so please send those in now before the price goes up.

So mark the date (Monday May 25)  and time (11:45am) down.

Davening Times for Shavuot

Hopefully there are topics of interest and we will see many of you there.

·         Midnight: Cantor Yehoshua Redfern: The Vocal and Instrumental Music of the Beit Hamikdash:

What instruments and style of music were utilized at the time of the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem?

·         1:00 am:  Rabbi Hal Axelrod:  The effects of the Holocaust on American Jewry.

Leadership from a Torah perspective and how that differs from a secular perspective.

·         2:00 am: Ken Horowitz:  Uriah P. Levy and the early American Jewish experience

·         3:00 am: Gary Fellman: Proverbs, a new look at an often underestimated book

·         4:00 am: Ken Horowitz:  Acher, He who must not be named

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