Joseph Antin z”l

Dear Community,

On the 17 of Tishrei, Rabbi Bernard Antin’s father Yossef Ben Mordechai was niftar. The Burial will be on the 18 Tishrei (Thursday, Oct. 1) at 2:00pm at Mount Lebanon cemetery, 9500 Riggs Road, Adelphi, MD  20783

Phone: (301) 434-4640

Shiva does not start until after the Chag ends. Shiva begins Tuesday night with Maariv at 15689 Hilton, Southfield, MI at 7:48pm.

May Yossef Ben Mordechai (Joseph Antin) be a malitz yosher.

May Rabbi Bernard Antin know of no more sorrow, and may he be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, amen.


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