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Please help a soldier who fought terrorism and paid the price!

Israeli veteran seeks help at Walter Reed National Hospital

But the American military medical center doesn’t serve wounded non-Americans at no charge.


Itamar Gat was severely wounded while fighting with the Israel Special Defense Forces in Lebanon in 1995.  “We were in the middle of an operation to find Hezbollah terrorists,” Gat remembers. An anti-tank missile landed two feet from me, sending shrapnel into much of my body, causing my right leg to be amputated until the upper part of my thigh and also creating a hole in my left hand. My left side was paralyzed, and I suffered burns and cuts all over my chest and face. I was unconscious for two weeks and also spent months in a hospital and then at the rehabilitation center. 

Now after this injury, the soft-spoken Itamar refuses to stop pushing himself. Two years ago, Mr. Gat moved to Maryland so that doctors at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore could help him grow bone.  They inserted metal screws in his bone, and lengthening the stump in his right leg. Mr. Gat has now big enough bone to hold an artificial leg. His doctors in Baltimore now believe Mr. Gat next stop on his medical journey is Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which is the ONLY place for such a complicated procedure.

The cost is about $16,700. per day at the Army hospital. The hospital is designed to help ONLY those who serve in the United States military service. Senator Barbara  A. Mikulski  was instrumental in having me admitted at the Walter Reed Hospital, with the help of the Secretary of Defense.

Mr. Gat said “I’ve been trying to receive a leg for 19 years, so I can stand, walk, and do everything in a normal way”. “I was one of the best runners in my unit. When I was a teenager I ran on the beach.” Now, I want to live a normal life for my wife and seven children. The oldest is 10 years old and the youngest are 8-month-old twins.

“Kindly Help Me! Only with your generous help will I be able to live a normal life”.

May G-d Bless You. Sincerely,  Itamar Gat.


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